Morteza Hosseinioun
M.Sc. in Computer Science.
Address: The best way to reach me is via Email.

I recently graduated with a Master's from the Sharif University of Technology in Iran (ranked as the 1st among the best universities in the country) in Computer Networks with a GPA of 3.88 / 4 and an 'Excellent' grade for Master Thesis. I am currently working as a post-Master fellow researcher in Samiee Chiropractic Center. I am interested in going into the Machine learning area that I will explain by the end of this writing. Besides, my hands-on experience in various Teacher Assistantships and student leadership positions supports my capabilities to handle my project and multiple students' projects. As a Master's graduate from Sharif University, I have developed programming experience through assignments using C, C++, and Matlab. Still, I feel amazed when I am programming with Python. Through these activities, I honed my analyzing skills and learned a great deal from my peers in an ideal teamwork approach.

I have been passionate about science's practical uses in an applied manner since I came to Sharif, which has led to worthwhile research endeavors between neurology and computer science. As a master's student, doing my thesis project, I struggled with several challenges, including defining the thesis topic, gathering members of the group, preparing ideas, etc. I have worked in two research labs and a Spinal Specialty Clinic in the industry. Which resulted in a research project as my thesis entitled "Detecting Community Structures in Patients with Peripheral Nervous System Disorders," in Dr. Hemmatyar and Dr. Movaghar's lab to represent the human nervous disease processes utilizing network science (Bipartite Networks). I also worked as an intern at Samiee Chiropractic Center for two summers, where I had a chance to interdisciplinary make a bridge between Neurology and Network science. And collaborate with the medical team to discover new ideas. They provided me with real data of the patients and enriched me with fruitful discussions. Therefore, that cooperation on that project leads to the preparation of the paper for publishing.

Overall, as explained before, my short-term aim was to deal with our last project as maintained by the MSc thesis time frame. As the complex networks are being better understood, ideas for working within it more effectively are forthcoming. Thus, I envision a new path for my future academic career. The basic idea behind this new path is a way that follows to present or otherwise significantly improved work. That is, to put together the interdisciplinary standpoint between network science (e.g., the network of medicine, social sciences, etc.), and on the other hand the AI area (e.g., deep learning, NLP, etc.), and it ultimately focuses on the concepts that bridge the gap between these two areas.